By Linda Crockett, founder of the Workplace Bullying Resource Centre ( and Janice Gilligan White, founder of The Empowered Employee.

Hundreds of thousands ‘Volunteers, Students, Employees’ targeted by bullies in their organization ask the question, “why me”?

Whenever someone experiences a shock or trauma, people try to make sense of these confusing and threatening experiences. Like a car accident, most targets do not see the harm coming. Unlike a car accident, however, there are many unpredictable shocking and confusing offenses that continue to occur. These offences may occur several times a week for months, or years, to come.

I’m often asked about my recovery and what it took to find that illusive treasure chest filled with peace. And while many of my blogs have touched on different aspects of my recovery, the lack of a clear path can send even the most determined target on a goose chase for closure. You won’t find me rocking any rose-colored glasses of hindsight in this blog. I go straight for the jugular of recovery.

300 Days. The maximum number of days in New Jersey I was given to file a lawsuit against my employer... And also the day I was left to find justice outside the courtroom.  This day comes and goes without resolve for many. For me, I simply wasn’t feeling well enough yet to survive the long battle ahead. For others, maybe they weren’t able to find a lawyer. Or couldn’t afford one once they did.  In any case, the day our statute of limitations runs out can be a difficult one filled with many different emotions. At least, it was for me.

“Dear John”, I certainly hope you had a nice trip. I can’t even imagine all of the things you need to catch up on. I know it’s Saturday and I have no expectation of a reply; I’ve just felt a pressing need to share, sooner than later, what I’ve been going through.  I’m having a hard time deciding how to begin and how much information to share as I know your time is very valuable and this is a complex situation. I’ll try my best to leave emotions out of it, although it’s certainly been emotional the past few months.