My name is Janice and I hold a BA in Psychology. I am affiliated with the Workplace Bullying Institute and End Workplace Abuse Now. I am the co-founder of Re-Define, serve as a board member for the National Workplace Bullying Coalition, and lead a Dignity Together support group. I also co-host, Two Targets Talk, a weekly chat aimed at breaking the silence and shame surrounding workplace abuse.

I took to blogging after experiencing the horrific effects of workplace bullying. It was only after the loss of my beloved career and a sudden decline in my physical and mental health that I would learn workplace bullying is a predictable, well-researched phenomenon affecting millions of others. I started The Empowered Employee in hopes of arming employees with the knowledge and resources needed to protect one’s health and career. The very nature of bullying is to disconnect us. The entire mission of this site is to connect and empower us. If you or someone you know is facing workplace aggression, there is help.

Wishing you success, peace, and most of all, good health.

Janice XO